Is your salaat up to standard


Allah Ta`ala describes the Salaat of the Munaafiqeen as follows:

When they stand up for salaah, they stand up lazily (reluctantly), (they perform salaah only) to show people and they remember Allaah only a little (they perform salaah very infrequently).


  • Did you perform your wudhu meticulously?
  • Are your clothing pure?
  • Do you have the proper Headgear?
  • Is your trousers above the ankles (men)?
  • Are you concentrating in Salaah?
  • Does your gaze wander about during Salaah?
  • Are your postures correct?
  • Are you reciting qiraat with proper Tajweed?
  • Are your lips moving whilst reciting qiraat?
  • Is your body properly covered?
  • Are your earnings Halaal?
  • Is your food Halaal?
  • Are you dressed according to the Sunnat?
  • Are you performing Salaat on its correct time?

If any of your answers to the above are negative, then your Salaat is deficient. The more deficient your Salaat, the less reward you will earn. Let it not be that your Salaat is flung back at you for not being accepted. Take stock of your Salaat!


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