Statement by Adv MS Khan SC

A message disparaging Mufti AK Hoosein Saheb and Moulana A. S. Desai Saheb, allegedly authored by one misguided soul, Zohra Nathi, was recently circulated through social media.

Advocate Mahomed Saleem Khan SC issued a response, which we reproduce hereunder:

 “The message allegedly from Zohra Nathi is nonsensical. Mufti A.K.Hoosen is a highly respected and spiritually elevated Alim and Islamic Scholar. I have not known him to engage in any hate speech or contravene any law. I should know as I am a Senior Advocate. The fact. that he correctly interprets provisions of the Islamic Law (Shariah) as he is expected to do and expresses his opinion objectively on the definition of a Muslim cannot constitute “hate speech” eg. should persons following Christianity or Hinduism say that a Muslim does not qualify as a Christian or a Hindu because he/she does not subscribe to certain Christian or Hindu beliefs, this would not only be factually correct but it would also constitute the exercise of their right to freedom of speech, opinion, religion etc. We are a democracy and must not countenance errant tactics directed at causing dissension. We must continue to debate matters pertaining  to religion in a dignified manner in order that we may educate and be educated. We are a democracy, not a “police state”. The Hawks and SAPS are not monsters. In the main, they consist of good and responsible persons who are committed to upholding law and order. Mufti A.S. Desai, though somewhat more direct and brazen in his approach is a brilliant and sincere Islamic Scholar. His confrontational method of debate and propagation is not discriminatory i.e. It applies to all equally and certainly does not constitute hate speech.

These Scholars have furnished reasons for their beliefs and opinions. Should you disagree you are at liberty to debate with them on matters in issue. Don’t adopt the cowardly and errant stance of mischievously

generating negative propaganda in the expectation that this will culminate in silencing the TRUTH. It will not, by the grace of GOD. Adv. Mahomed Saleem Khan SC.”