The Cape Discord

The Cape Discord –


 There has been huge, fully warranted and understandable uproar recently in the Muslim Community of South Africa following the presentation of the ‘Cape Accord’ – a document designed by ignoramuses intending to usurp the dignity of all Muslims.

This shoddy document is nothing other than a great insult to the Muslims of South Africa, and to Islam as a whole. It tends to undermine the integrity of Islam and Muslims.

Islam is a complete way of life, and not merely a religion. The very life of our Master, Mohammed (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) was a beacon and sterling example for us to follow. Allah Ta`ala commands all believers in the Qur`aan Majeed to hold on firmly to whatever His Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) has brought to them and steer clear from what he has cautioned against.

This Capetonian accord seeks to ram down our throats their misguided belief-structure – more specifically their illusion that Shiahs are Muslims. Their call for harmony and peace is rhetorical. Islam means ‘peace’, our beloved Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) came with the message of peace, Muslims live in peace, our Qur`aan Majeed teaches peace. There is absolutely no need to present a document to tell us what we already know and ascribe to!

The mere fact that the architects of this document felt the need for such a document, places their Imaan in question. Further to this, the fact that they brazenly categorised Shiahs as Muslim, renders them out of the fold of Islam. Imaam Abu Hanifah (rahmatullahi alaih) said: “Whoever doubts the kufr of these people (Shiahs), is also a kaafir like them.”

The very presence of Imaan in every Believer is an affirmation that he/she will live in harmony and peace with other human beings. Allah Rabbul Izzat advises in the Qur`aan Majeed, “Allah does not forbid you from behaving cordially and justly towards those (Kuffaar) who do not fight you for (reason of your) religion and who do not drive you out from your homes. Verily Allaah loves those who are just.

Allah forbids you from befriending (behaving sociably with) only those (Kuffaar) who fight you for (reason of your) religion, who drive you out from your homes and who assist (your enemies) in driving you out (of your homes and countries). Those (Muslims) who befriend them are certainly oppressors (to themselves and to all Muslims).”

For the most part, this ‘accord’ is superfluous and an attempt to pacify the kuffaar. There is absolutely no need for Muslims to pacify the non-believers when we have not wronged them in any way, neither are we responsible for any acts of ‘terror’ against them. Our Deen forbids us from behaving violently and unjustly, even when provoked. We have been living peacefully for decades in South Africa. As long as the Muslims continue following the Qur`aan and Sunnah there will be no change in their behaviour.

The very existence of this ‘accord’ tends to allude to guilt. It gives the impression that we need to apologise for the misdeeds of those that have gone astray. A Muslim will never harm another Muslim, unless his Imaan is defective. A Muslim will never harm a non-Muslim unjustly, unless his Imaan is defective. It follows that those guilty of ‘terror’ perpetrations are not Muslims in the first place, or if they are, their Imaan is very defective. There is no need for us to apologise for their evils.

The recent push for this ‘accord’ was spurred by the events at the Shiah temple in Verulam. Until today, no one knows who carried out the murder and attempted murders. Why is there a need for any Muslim to apologise? Why is there a need for any Muslim to affirm a commitment to peace?

Recently in Durban, there was an attempted hijacking of some pastor where his little daughter was unfortunately murdered. Did this incident encourage the Christians to enter into an accord to affirm their commitment to peace and for protestants not to attack Anglicans or Catholics, etc.,, etc?

Why is there so much hue and cry for what happened at the shiah temple? It could have been a simple robbery gone wrong. It could also have been – as initial rumours suggested – a shiah on shiah attack due to some financial issues. There is nothing to suggest it was an attack by one of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaat. Even if it was perpetrated by a member of the Ahlus Sunnah, then too, there is no need for the entire Community of Muslims to ‘apologise’ and commit to ‘peace’. Why are we made to look like the guilty ones? The only speculation that the attack was perpetrated by Ahlus Sunnah was one suggested by a Shiah – a member of the nation that is by far the greatest liars on earth. The very creed of shiasm is based on lies. Shiahs worship lies. Speaking lies forms the very basis of their creed. They are the only nation in the world that regards speaking lies as an act of worship that deserves reward!!!

Why should we rally around what they have now spurned on the Muslim Community of South Africa, viz. The Cape Accord. They unashamedly suggest in this crude document that, like the Amman Accord, it should be binding on all Muslims. The gall of it! Neither are Muslims bound by the Amman Accord nor the Cape one…ever! Muslims are bound by the Qur`aan and Sunnah!

This Capetonian Accord is a furtive attempt by the Shiahs to sow discord amongst the Muslims in South Africa. They seek to either create a pseudo-unity with us or, if we reject the Accord, as is being presently done, they seek to show the kuffaar that the Ahlus Sunnah are the ‘evil’ ones.

The fact that NO true Ulama body in South Africa has vetted or signed this accord, speaks volumes. Any Aalim, worth even the tiniest spark of Imaan, will never accept entering into such an ‘accord’ with a nation that is by far worse than every kuffaar nation that walks this earth – The Shiahs!

They are true Munaafiqeen (hypocrites). They wish to integrate with us, whilst sowing seeds of deep hatred and disbelief. Allah Ta`ala clearly spells out their final abode: “Indeed the Munaafiqeen will be in the lowest dregs of Jahannam.”

Not only do we simply reject this ‘Cape Accord’, we discard it with the greatest disdain and the contempt it deserves!


5th Shawwaal 1439 (19th June2018)